Soul And System

Soul And System
Image: Stephen Depolo

Oh, yes and it was a quite fruitful day. Lots achieved on all fronts and this morning, despite the rain and wind, I’m about to head out for some “me time”. Lovely.

Yesterday I caught up on all my mail and updated my website to bring it up to date for 2010. Mostly minor edits but when people clock in at least they can see it’s still active although there has been no significant news for quite some time.

Speaking of websites, two of my clients needed some surgery done on their sites; all of that was completely ticked off the list, also.

And yes, I did some fiction work. BACCARA BURNING is eeking its way back into my soul and system in preparation for a renewed attack on it. When? Why, today of course. It’s now found its way back up to the top of my list of work I can tackle. First things first though—I need to get a decent Saturday morning under my belt since I’ve not been able to for a few weeks.

At the day job there was a major breakthrough. All my extended and intense work of the past couple of weeks paid off when a change was applied last night based on my recommendations. And it worked. The system concerned is now able to run more efficiently at a higher level of capacity. A huge result in terms of my team and I’m delighted with the end result. More to do on that one, though that will come a little later.

Right, I’m going to finish my coffee and then Saturday can begin. Have a great weekend and I’ll leave you with my “Friday Video” that I totally forgot to post yesterday. Meet the Annoying Orange!

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Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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5 Responses to Soul And System

  1. Glad they listened to you and it’s working. And glad you’re getting back into the writing.

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  3. A St Mirren fan in Edinburgh? That’s an odd combination, but one I definitely approve of 😉

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