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I watched an excellent film from Lovefilm last night. Once is a “modern day musical” about an Irish busker and a Czech immigrant, who come together on the street and end up recording some music before going their separate ways. An excellent film; beautifully shot, a wonderful script and finely acted. I would highly recommend it.

I made a rather dramatic decision in my quest to finish rebuilding my PC with as little bug-loaded and performance debilitating software as possible. I skipped Microsoft Office altogether and am now using OpenOffice full time. I was already using it on my Netbook simply because I had no way of installing it, but I have grown comfortable with its facilities and layout. Now I use it on everything. Goodbye MS Office forever.

It’s amazing how the only program I couldn’t get to run on Microsoft’s Vista operating system was Microsoft’s very own Office suite. I do quite fancy one of those Macs, though. If I had the money I would seriously consider one right now, but it would be good if I could take one on a test run for a few days just to get a feel. Not to worry, I’ll see how things go with a lighter load on my current machine for now.

The only thing left to do now is finish hunting down the old Ranfurly Review email files I lost when rebuilding my PC. Devon’s suggestion of using a spread sheet is sadly ironic because up until the previous issue that’s exactly what I was doing. But I got lazy and wanted to speed the process up so I started using email folders to track where things were. I deserve all I get on this one.

Enough of technology for now, this is supposed to be a writing blog and it’s just depressing me the few days I lost over it.

Today is Saturday and that means free time. Free time on a Saturday morning means I’m going for a long walk. My notebook is twitching on the desk beside me, which means I will seek out a coffee shop in which to indulge in cappuccinos and pastry, and put pencil to paper as I slake my thirst.

I’ve not got much on this weekend other than laying back, unwinding, working through my GDRs and probably a bit of tidying up. Everything is poised before the week of much excitement that lies just around the corner: Scotland versus England in the Six Nations next Saturday will mean some fun and games in Edinburgh’s pubs with my mates, then on the 17th it’s the annual St. Patrick’s Day bash with the punk band Stiff Little Fingers at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom.

Until then, and until tomorrow, peace and out!

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  1. They don’t let you take Macs home on loaner, but they do let you play with them for hours in the store, and they answer all your questions and help you figure out what you need it to do. It was definitely a bigger outlay of cash upfront than the PC, but it paid for itself within 3 months, so it was worth it.

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