In The Groove

In The Groove
Image: Dave Bleasdale

It was one of those days where the more small items I managed to tick off my GDR list, the more of the bigger ones followed on thereafter. By the end of play late in the evening, I had achieved rather a lot of juicy work.

I got right back on track with Ranfurly Review submissions. I hate sending out rejections and I try to make them informal as I can but this backfired when I was met with a slew of confused responses as to the terminology I’d used. As if rejections aren’t bad enough, I had to do the damn things twice!

That done, I can now start piecing together which acceptances will go into which issue. I think I may be looking ahead quite far now but I’ll have to allocate all the contributions first to get a clearer picture.

I made a few outstanding website updates for one client and I also have some major work coming up for my main client (my wife) who is moving forward with her photography business as if there is no tomorrow. It’s good fun, though, because her site has quite a specific feel and tone she wishes to achieve, which makes it interesting to work on.

I’m in the middle of doing a correspondence interview for a PhD student at Edinburgh Uni. I finished it last night but I’m trying to make it as thorough as I possibly can so I’ve taken a bit of time over it. Hope he doesn’t mind.

I worked through a few more chapters of GATECRASH—got to keep that ball rolling at all times. It really is the edgiest story I’ve worked on and I think it might need a fair amount of rework. It’s very exciting, though, and by far the best fun I’ve had on a manuscript for quite a while.

Speaking of manuscripts, I’m going to print off BACCARA and GREENER later on so I can work on them; the latter almost ready for sending out, the former I don’t want to hang around with because I want to get it to the publisher after a reasonable time. I’m taking King’s advice to the letter and just doing it with the aim of seeing the full picture and picking up the smaller errors too. His book really has got me charged up both in my approach to my writing and reading also.

I’ve been invited to an album launch next week in the Usher Hall of all places. It’s through my freelance writing capacity so I’m hoping to be able to pitch it to a few venues that might be interested.

My darling wife is going away for a few days on a Hen weekend. Originally the 15-strong group were meant to go to Spain but Globespan folded leaving them fighting for their money back. A trip to England was the upshot and she leaves tomorrow, so last night we had a special family meal at the big table: sweet and sour chicken for the Galbraiths, because tonight she will be far too busy eat what with all the last minute packing she will no doubt be doing.

When my wife is gone it will mean a lot more silliness and carrying on in the house than normal. I intend to do quite a lot around the home while she’s away and there will be a DVD and Pizza night on one of the evenings. I will also get some good writing time if I play my cards right but the rest of the time I will just be my normal idiotic self.

Have a great Thursday—the weekend is getting closer. Peace, out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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2 Responses to In The Groove

  1. Sounds like things are humming along quite well.

  2. Diane says:

    Our hens tend to head to Newcastle or Blackpool, and I know a crowd coming from Perth to Newcastle too. Think they’re wearing a Scottish theme …

    Congratulations on so many ticks from the list.

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