The Coffee Shop Jinx

The Coffee Shop Jinx
Image: Sustainable Sushi

Hellish Sunday, simply hellish.

To kick things off I was totally bemused as to the correct time when I rolled over and saw it was almost 9:30am. Assuming I’d slept in but unable to figure out why my phone alarm hadn’t gone off, I got up and put my clock back to 07:30, because I also assumed I’d put my alarm clock forward by two hours instead of back one as I should have. Down the stairs to make coffee, and all the clocks were flashing 08:30 so I turned on the TV to BBC News 24 — they would know for sure — and yes, it was half past eight in the morning. Not half past seven or nine.

Ready for the day then, and assured of the correct time, I made it into the town centre for about 09:45. I got off the bus at the west end so I could nip into Boots only to find it was closed. Lovely start.

I decided to head along Princes Street to Curry’s and HMV, neither of which were open but the queue outside the latter convinced me to wait. 10:00 came and went so I checked the store’s website—11am opening! My new chums who were also waiting at the front door were less impressed when I told them, and started shouting abuse at the cleaner through the window. Nice girls.

Coffee. I needed a coffee. I bought a paper and headed to my favourite little spot in the town, Café Nero on Rose Street. I knew something wasn’t right when I noticed no lights were on and the window blacked out. I peered in through the door window and this is what I saw:

Cafe Nero in Rose Street, Edinburgh

Gutted that yet another coffee shop I’d started using had disappeared once I got comfortable with it (this is the third!), I wandered off helplessly to seek out somewhere for a badly needed coffee by this point. I walked into Costa Coffee on Castle Street and after queueing for about 10 minutes sat down at the only remaining table, which was far too small for my paper and right underneath the air conditioner. Absolute shit!

I headed home and cleaned out the toilet.

For the rest of the day—the afternoon and into the evening—I worked on several GDR tasks and wrote. I worked through and published my October work review and prepared my November work plan (see below), and I also readied my November newsletter to go out this morning.

On the writing side, I worked on the story I wrote during the recent Muse Writers’ Conference and completed my preparations for the big event kicking off today: NaNoWriMo. I’ve placed a new widget top-right to track my NaNo progress and I’ll also be posting daily updates.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a couple of thousand words to start writing so I’d better get stuck in. Later this morning I’m heading up to Edinburgh Sheriff Court as I’ve been cited for jury duty. It should be a fascinating day on all fronts.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete 50,000 words of new novel for NaNoWriMo
* Complete Muse story and submit
* Keep on top of fiction submissions
* Submit to all selected fiction competitions this month

* No poetry this month

* Complete RR issue 13 for December

* Make site updates from photography client
* Keep all my websites updated and relevant
* New gigs lined up for review – UB40, Madness

Reading & Learning
* SCAREDY CAT by Mark Billingham
* ONE GOOD TURN by Kate Atkinson

* Use Podcasting ideas to publish first one
* Kick off Christmas Special Offers

** LAST DAY ** HALLOWEEN WEEKEND SPECIAL: Get 20% off my poetry chapbooks at Use code GHOST305 when checking out and save almost a fiver on the normal price. Offer vanishes 1st November.

Get 25% off STELLA, my spy novella with a twist, when you order the e-book from the publisher’s website at Simply quote 612JMZN67VZX at checkout.

Grab issue 24 of Open Wide Magazine for only £1 (one British pound) and you can read my short story, LETTING GO. It’s well worth it!

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2 Responses to The Coffee Shop Jinx

  1. Sorry you had such a bad day.

    I’m going to live Nanowrimo vicariously through you this year. Enjoy!

  2. Brenda says:

    Sorry about the coffee. One of these days I’m going to send you some Dunkin Donuts coffee. Good luck with NANO!

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