GDR Round Up for July and August

GDR Round Up for July and August
* Submit GREENER IS THE GRASS – not done; have made a contact at EBF on this matter
* Submit and recycle fiction – all returned fiction resubmitted
* Redraft new short fiction – done

* Work on layout and design of Edinburgh chapbook – done; not finished though.
* Complete 1st draft of London chapbook – done
* Continue work with artist on SP3 illustrations – done; final images in.
* Frame and handover poetry as art to Trevor Jones (Trees for Life) – done; launch 3rd Nov.
* Work on layout and design of Poolside Poetry 2 – done; not finished though; renamed to MORE POOLSIDE POETRY
* Design new front cover for Poolside Poetry – done; not released yet other than FB and G+
* SELEKTION back up and available as free download

* Send interview questions to Rob for RR September issue interview – not done yet

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant – done; updated with iBooks ref for FF; added EdBookFest page to blog
* Develop more ideas and for Hidden/Secret page on website (if time) – not done
* Keep GGP website up to date – done; new galleries uploaded
* Start work on new GGP Boudoir website – not done; one for autumn
* Gig review of Aidan Moffat gig for MitE – done

* Prepare marketing material for Edinburgh Book Shop launch – not done
* Continue to promote the Kindle books – done; need to do more on FB and G+ as well
* Make contact with Elvis Shakespeare on back of EBS success – not done
* Plan out book Book Festival Podcasts – done; Ep.1 launched on 3rd August
* Prepare and post-publish August Newsletter – done
* Send signed copy of FF to The Sky Project charity for auction – done
* Draft plan of all marketing/media needed for each book release – done

Reading & Learning
* ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT by Annabel Aidan – done
* WHISKEY SOUR by JA Konrath – done
* THE LIST by JA Konrath – done
* WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen – done
* KILLING MUM by Allan Guthrie – done
* BYE BYE BABY by Allan Guthrie – done
* SUNSET PARK by Paul Auster – done
* THE FRY CHRONICLES by Stephen Fry – IP
* SHAKEN by JA Konrath – done
* THE IMMACULATE HEART by Andrew Raymond Drennan – IP

Things That Turned Up
* Saw the British Royal Family!!
* Coffee shop chapbook idea spawned
* Generated a lot of publicity early on with EBF posting about Story Shop
* Generated a massive amount of publicity during the London Riots
* Officially join Savvy Authors
* Re-subscribed to Writing Magazine
* Interview with Annabel Aidan

Submissions Activity Summary
Half a dozen fiction pieces read and sent back out into submission cycle
2 rejections – sent back out
1 acceptance

* Made a patron of The Sky Project charity
* Involved with The Sky Project charity auction
* Fabulous holiday in Rhodes that saw the writing of a new chapbook: MORE POOLSIDE POETRY
* Launched the first episode of the Colin Galbraith Podcast through Freedom from the Mundane blog site
* Flash fiction acceptance: BUZZ to be published by Flashes in the Dark on 23rd August
* Edinburgh Book Festival launch, networking, writing course and opportunities all taken advantage of
* Application for media accreditation at the Edinburgh Book Festival accepted

* Application unsuccessful for Edinburgh City of Literature Story Shop programme at book festival
* SLICK returned
* Lost News of the World gig after the paper was shut down in the wake of the “Phone Hacking Scandal”

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